Finding Balance in Education

Online learning and mindset services wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Exceptional Teachers and Tutors

“My son has found it very easy to engage with our current Grow teacher. She is bursting with positivity and encouragement and is doing a wonderful job of helping my child!” Grow Parent

Bespoke Learning and Mindset Support

“I can’t tell you what a difference the Grow team have made to my daughter, not only in her approach to life and schoolwork, but her output too.”  Grow Parent
Grow offers carefully tailored education and mindset programmes, individually crafted to meet each student’s specific needs and delivered by outstanding professionals, both locally and internationally. We assess each child we work with to ensure that we provide the best possible learning programme for their needs, and take care to match them with one of our highly experienced teachers and tutors. As we are an online service, each member of our carefully selected teaching team is experienced in utilising online resources in a way that makes the most of the technology without losing the essence and craft of good specialist teaching.
Our Services

Educational Support

We offer a range of educational support, tailored to the needs of your child and delivered by our exceptional teachers and tutors.


We offer a variety of assessment options, tailored to the needs of your child and delivered by Grow’s Head of Education, Jess Heyworth-Dunne.

Balance - Mindset Support

These sessions are lead by our teachers or tutors, and targeted specifically at helping students develop tools to manage stress and anxiety in their education.

Revision and Study Skills

These sessions are designed to help young people keep on track with the demands of school and exams. Available as live support sessions with one of our tutors, or as on-demand videos and audios.

Training for Educators

Grow offers a range of training for educators, including a CPD accredited course. These sessions focus on developing skills to teach and promote positive mental health strategies in education.

Courses for students and teachers

We offer on-demand courses, designed to be there to support you, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

NEW – Balance CPD for teachers

British and International School Specialists

Adapting to a new education system can be a daunting experience, which is why we are here to help, with curriculum-based assessments, academic support and exam preparation.

Supporting Dyslexia and other learning needs

Our Specialist Teachers are trained in the evidence-based teaching methods proven to be effective for learners with learning differences, using this approach to develop teaching plans which help students work out how they learn best.

"I can’t tell you what a difference the Grow team has made to my daughter- not only in her approach to life and schoolwork, but her output too."

Grow Parent

"Our daughter has read the best she ever has - very fluently and even managed the word “hyperventilating” without any hesitation!"

Grow Parent

"Our Grow teacher was fantastic, she has really helped my son and bolstered his confidence in English as well as improving his written work."

Grow Parent
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