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Our Community Asked, and We Listened

With more than 30 years of experience between us, we founded Grow in response to a clear call from the educational community for easily accessible, highly skilled special educational needs support that demonstrates a comprehensive understanding that learning and wellbeing go hand in hand. We offer carefully tailored 1:1 teaching programmes, individually crafted to meet each student’s specific needs and delivered by outstanding professionals, both locally and internationally.

Our fellowship is committed to providing special educational needs teaching and therapeutic services to the widest possible community.

Together we can help our children and young people grow

Meet the Team

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Jess Heyworth – Dunne

Director of Education & Balance
Founder and Director

Jessica Narowlansky

Founder and Director
Specialising in mental health, educational consultancy and advocacy

Jess Heyworth-Dunne

BA (Hons), SpLD Levels 5 and 7

Founder and Director of Education

I am a special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) teacher with Specialist Teacher training: Level 5 in Literacy and Level 7 in Maths. I work with children and young people across the age range, offering tailored 1:1 specialist teaching support.

My wide-ranging teaching experience:

  • I have been engaged as a 1:1 SEND specialist across London for many years in mainstream and special schools, as well as in some of the city’s most reputable tuition agencies.
  • Through my private practice I have worked with clients around the world both face to face and virtually for more than eight years.
  • I am a highly experienced TEFL specialist (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).
  • In addition to my work with primary and secondary age students, I have extensive experience working with nursery age children, which has given me great insight into the importance of understanding a child’s needs from the earliest possible stage.

To ensure that I can offer the very best to every student with whom I work and drawing on my teaching experience and specialist training, I have devised an assessment process to ascertain where a student is academically, what they need in terms of teaching intervention and the best teaching approach to help each student to meet their potential.

It is the combination of these experiences that has provided the inspiration for Grow.

Together with my work in education, I am devoted to the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. I am also deeply committed to charities aimed at supporting access to education and the overall wellbeing of children and young people around the world. I was the founder of Volunteer Trinity India which offered volunteer teaching placements with a school based in Madurai, India. This organisation was in operation until 2014. This area of my work has been integral in our building of the Grow Fellowship.

Jessica Narowlansky

BA (Hons), Mont Dip, PG SpLD, PATOSS, PG Child Adolescent & Family Mental Wellbeing, MA Psychological Therapies, Member BPC & TSP

Founder and Director

I specialise in mental health, educational consultancy and advocacy.

I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist working with children, young people, parents and individuals up to 24 years of age. Along with offering support in a range of areas, including anxiety, anger and depression, I have in-depth experience of supporting children and young people with specific learning difficulties, autistic spectrum conditions and/or social communication difficulties. I also offer support to adults who receive a diagnosis of neurological difference (e.g., dyslexia, ADHD, autism) in adulthood.

After completing my training as an International Montessori teacher in 2004, I taught in primary education before training as a Level 7 specialist in Dyslexia Assessment and Specialist Literacy Teaching. Upon completing my training, I joined The Harrodian School in London where I worked as a 1:1 literacy specialist and then moved into the role of Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

In 2014 I co-founded The Independent School, a secondary school for children with additional needs, where I took on the role of Vice Principal and Head of SEND. I then went on to train at The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust as a psychodynamic psychotherapist working with children, young people, parents and young adults.

I have found my background in education to be invaluable in understanding the needs of the young people with whom I work.

In 2016, I co-founded The Child and Adolescent Development Centre (The CDC), where my therapeutic practice is based. The CDC offers multidisciplinary assessment and clinical services across the public and private sectors.

In addition to my work in mental health and education, since 2015 I have worked in collaboration with law firms offering expert testimony in tribunals to support families in securing Education, Health and Care Plans. I am also a freelance writer looking at issues in education and mental health.

My role with Grow focuses on service development.

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