Assessment Services

assessment services


Assessment Services

Assessments Designed to Support Teaching and Learning

To identify what each student needs to progress in education, Grow has designed a series of assessments targeted specifically at identifying the bespoke learning pathway that is right for each individual. For students who will be coming to Grow for support, our Intake Assessment is the first step along the road to their Individual Learning Plan. However, as we know the value of our assessments to families and schools, we now also offer stand-alone assessments and support consultations to help all those involved with a student’s education and wellbeing, whatever the source, to understand practical next steps for support. If you would like further information, please fill in our Contact Us form to request a call with our assessment team.

Intake Assessment

This assessment is designed for students who will be joining Grow. The aim of the assessment is to see exactly where the student is academically, in terms of their age and year group. This assessment forms the basis of the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) that will guide their teaching. This ILP is then updated regularly as the student progresses.

Price: £180

Please note ILP updates are included in the price of tuition

Academic Assessment

This assessment evaluates current skills in maths, English and reasoning. This concise report, written for parents to share with schools or other professionals, is designed to show exactly where the student is academically in terms of their age and year group. If a student is not progressing as anticipated in school, this assessment will highlight specific gaps in learning along with practical strategies and recommendations to address these areas.

If a student has just received a diagnosis such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHD, this assessment is useful in highlighting specific areas of need in the context of their diagnosis and in relationship to their age and year group. Parents also find this assessment can be particularly useful if a student is preparing for exams, by highlighting exactly where learning support should focus.

Price: £250

Fee includes a feedback session for parents (and the student if appropriate) to go through the assessment outcomes.

Enhanced Academic Assessment

The Enhanced Assessment includes the Academic Assessment and also identifies the anxieties that often accompany struggles in school. Part of the assessment process is to explore with the student where the roots of the problems may be. This includes looking at the student’s ‘learning mindset’ and how they deal with different learning situations, such as timed tasks, unstructured or structured tasks, and exam pressures. This assessment aims to explore the nature of these blocks and how these might be addressed in conjunctions with learning needs.

Price: £350

Fee includes a feedback session for parents (and the student if appropriate) to go through the assessment outcomes.

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