Our assessments can be delivered independently, or combined with any of our teaching packages.

We assess each child we work with to ensure that we provide the best possible learning programme for their needs, and take care to match them with one of our highly experienced teachers and tutors. Our range of assessment options are designed to suit the support level you are looking for.

If you are unsure which assessment you are looking for, get in touch and we will be happy to assist you to find the right support for your child.

Intake Assessment

The intake assessment is carried out before an individual learning plan is created for a student.

This assessment aims to gauge the level of a student, and where there may be gaps in their learning, in order to create a tailored teaching programme. It also helps us to determine the best fit between student and teacher or tutor. The intake assessment lasts approximately 1 hour.

Price: £150

General learning assessment

This is a less in-depth version of the Education Assessment, and focuses on finding the gaps within the student’s learning, in order to put a plan in place for moving forwards. 

General assessments can be subject specific, or can include a combination of two of: English, Maths and Reasoning. The assessment is approximately 90 minutes, and is followed up with a summary and some brief bullet points, and a twenty minute phone call to discuss the findings.

Price: £220

Transferring to the British education system (in the UK or Abroad)

This assessment is designed specifically for students moving to the British educational system, in the UK or abroad. The aim is to identify where the student currently is in the curriculum, and if they may need support. The assessment is created for each individual, and based upon which system they are moving from.

The assessment is approximately 90-120 minutes, and is followed up with a summary report and twenty minute phone call to discuss the findings.  

If you want to find out more about how we can support you with transferring to the uk, see our British and International School Specialists page.

Price: £300

Educational Assessment

The aim of this assessment is to provide an overview of where the student currently sits and to identify their strengths and weaknesses, along with any gaps in their learning. This can be useful ahead of exams, or to establish how best to help the student to move forward with their education, be it whether they are struggling with a subject or wanting to challenge themselves with their learning.

Education assessments can be subject specific, or can include English, Maths and Reasoning together.

The assessment is approximately two hours, and is followed up with a written report and thirty minute phone call to discuss the findings. 

Price: £330

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