Specialist Teaching and Tutoring

We offer carefully tailored support, crafted to meet each student’s specific needs and delivered by outstanding professionals, both locally and internationally. As we are an online service, each member of our carefully selected teaching team is experienced in utilising online resources in a way that makes the most of the technology without losing the essence and craft of good specialist teaching.

We assess every child we work with, to ensure that we provide the best possible learning programme for their needs. You and your child’s teacher or tutor have complete control over scheduling and communications to make the organising of sessions easy and straightforward. You will receive a progress report after each lesson so you are up to date on how your child is progressing.

Specialist teachers focus both on subject specific skills whilst also helping young people understand how they learn best; helping students ‘learn to learn’.

“We have a fantastic Grow teacher who has really helped my son and bolstered his confidence in English, as well as improving his written work.”  Grow Parent

Our Teachers and Tutors

Our specialist teachers are highly trained and qualified, with the experience, knowledge and skills to work with each individual’s learning style and teach as needed, filling in gaps and building strong foundations to help bring out the best in your child. They have extensive experience in meeting the needs of each student, whether it is a student with specific learning difficulties or a student requiring further support.

Our carefully selected tutors work alongside your child’s curriculum to strengthen and enhance their learning directly around their syllabus, sharing their enthusiasm for the subject with each of their students.


Specialist Teaching

This option includes a placement assessment carried out by one of our experienced specialist teachers. They will then provide ongoing bespoke support and monthly progress reports.

Price for ongoing teaching:

£90 per session

Assessment and Teaching

This option includes an education assessment with Jess Heyworth-Dunne (Grow’s Director of Education), followed by a parent feedback session to discuss the results. We will then match your child with one of our experienced specialist teachers, who will provide ongoing support and monthly progress reports.

Price for Educational Assessment: £330

Price for ongoing teaching: £90 per session


This option includes specialist subject tuition from one of our hand-selected tutors, who will provide you with monthly progress reports.

Price for ongoing tutoring:

£80 per session

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