Revision and Study Skills

At Grow, we believe that every student has the potential to succeed, and we are committed to helping them achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your grades, prepare for exams, or generally develop your study skills, we are here to help. 

On-demand Study Skills Support

Our study skills and revision support videos, audios and resources are now accessible to students on-demand offering the help they need wherever they are, whenever they need it!

Including support with Getting StartedRevision MethodsExam TechniqueSMART Goal SettingFeeling Stuck and much more, our on-demand Revision Coach is designed to bring structure and grounding this exam season and throughout the school year to help students’ meet their goals.

Read some reviews of our on-demand Study Skills course:

"This course is great. I was looking for something that could give me an extra edge as I’m preparing for exams next year, and the tips here are really helpful. It’s not too intimidating, and for someone like me who wants to find new techniques to get the best results I can, it’s really helpful. So glad I had it recommended to me!"

GCSE Student

"Excellent programme for students to find their composure for exams. This was extremely beneficial for me personally, and I hope other people use this resource as well. I will definitely be recommending this course to my friends and family. THANK YOU!"

Grow Student

"Really helpful and practical tips and advice in bite-sized pieces for tailoring a study plan to suit your individual needs."

Parent of  Year 11 student

Revision and Study Skills Sessions

Our live revision sessions are designed to help students consolidate and revise their learning, with a focus on understanding and retaining information for the long-term and building confidence to recall information under pressure. Our experienced teachers and tutors use a range of techniques to help students build their confidence, develop their knowledge and skills to help them succeed.

In addition to our revision services, we also offer study skills support. We believe that strong study skills are the foundation of academic success, and we work with students to help them develop the strategies and techniques they need to feel more in control of their learning throughout the school year. Our study skills support includes time management, organisation, note-taking, exam strategy, and more. We tailor our approach to each student’s unique needs and learning style, ensuring that they get the most out of sessions.

Our live sessions are £80 per session

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