Supporting dyslexia and other learning needs

Every learner deserves the opportunity to succeed

At Grow, we understand that every learner is unique and that traditional classroom teaching methods alone may not be effective for everyone. This is often true for learners with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and other learning differences. For these students, targeted specialised support to develop core literacy and numeracy in the early years, moving onto general skills support as they progress, can make the difference between just getting by and having the opportunity to reach their true potential.

Our Specialist Teachers are all trained in the evidence-based teaching methods that are proven to be effective for learners with learning differences. Through a cumulative multi-sensory approach to learning, using a range of techniques to engage learners through visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning, students learn to use their strengths to overcome challenges.

Through this individualised approach, which helps students work out how they learn best, we develop a customised teaching plan that addresses their specific needs, so that they can achieve the success they deserve.

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