Training for Educators

As Grow believes that education must always be thought about in balance with well-being our Education Director and Mindset Coach, Jess Heyworth-Dunne, has created Balance.

Balance sessions bring together a combination of strategies to encourage the development of growth mindset, mindfulness and a range of techniques to help young people manage the anxieties and stresses that are so often part of their education experience.

The aim behind this training is to provide educators with the toolkit to empower students to successfully manage day to day stresses and to confidently empower them on their journey through education. Through this, we are able to offer a truly holistic approach to education and learning.

What is CPD?

CPD stands for ‘Continuing Professional Development’, and is used to describe activities or training that professionals undertake to ‘up skill’ or ‘re-skill’, and to keep up-to-date with developments within an industry. Our Balance course has been ‘CPD Accredited’ by the CPD Certification Service, meaning that it has been reviewed to ensure that it upholds to  the highest standards of training, and guarantees integrity and quality learning.

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